A black box on three legs…

Today i walked with my Pentacon Six through the small village Vejer in Andalusia. On the village square in front of a beautiful colorful fountain was a large black box on a tripod.

The box was equipped with a red film front, the lid opened, a camera with an integrated small black showed me White lab.
In the back third of a device was fitted in a 9 × 13 large black and white photographic paper was excited. Thereupon was exposed. The paper was put to the developer, then in the Stop and fixer. This all takes place within the box lid is closed. The photographer looks through the hole and illuminates the inside of the box with a little red darkroom light.
the paper negative is Watered outside in a small enamel bucket.
Now you have the paper negative. This is stressed in a pivotable device in front of the camera before the lens and illuminated on another photo paper.
The same development process within the camera and gives a reproduction of the negative than positive.

A beautiful and different way of Urlaubserinerungen arise with such a camera.

Those who want to learn more about „Fotografía Vintage“, will find their Facebook page:


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